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It said 1/11. Replace the first 1 and You got... Nine Eleven....


I just found something weird on my Sign-Up date thingy...

Why I dont have Flash movies.

2009-03-07 15:18:49 by Snarffidydoo

Actully, I dont know how to do flash, thats why I dont have much flashes. Instead, I'll do pics of Creatures like the Zorga. And in every description, it'll say "THIS IS NOT A MOVIE, ITS A PIC OF ONE OF MY CREATURES." And in the Pics, I will have it show the picture. Sorry I cant really do flash. I'm sorry guys. :(
BUT, here's a pic and some info about a creature below :D

Name: Karka
Type: Social Herbivore.
How it gets around: Hops from place to place.
Domestic?: Yes.
Defense: Not much, so it will run away from predators.
Diet: Gaurgya [GAWR-GUY-UH] Fruit, Apples, Grapes.
Habitat: Zorga Plains.

Why I dont have Flash movies.

Madness Mod coming soon

2009-02-16 19:00:25 by Snarffidydoo

I finally figured out what I could post! Its an Madness Mod, here are the Features in it:
Colored Skin
WTF Hall
Different Backgrounds
Different Explosion
No more Boring gray all the time and more!

Comment on what else I an do, and also put in what it could be named. Dont Comment to name it Madness Mod -.- IT'S DECIDED! The Madness Mod that's not madness anymore. THe whole thing is the title, it isn't madness anymore! It won't load though. :(